User Manual

Frontend Dashboard

At Traction School LMS, Students get a dedicated Frontend Dashboard to keep track of all the functionalities from one place.

To visit your Dashboard, go to the menu section and click on Login (if logged in click on your name displayed on the right side of the menu). Or, you can also directly eclick on this link and it will take you to your dashboard.

Dashboard Overview

1. Dashboard Sidebar

On the Dashboard Overview, you’ll find a sidebar on the left that you can use to navigate to the other sections of the Frontend Dashboard. The sections included are listed below.

All Users

  • Dashboard
  • My Profile
  • Enrolled Courses
  • Wishlist
  • Reviews
  • My Quiz Attempts
  • Order History
  • Question & Answer
  • Calendar

2. Basic Stats

From here, you’ll also be able to monitor some Basic Statistics. If you’re a Student, you’ll be able to see the number of courses you’re enrolled in, how many you are actively still taking, and how many you’ve completed. 

3. In Progress Courses

Followed by the stats, you’ll find a list of all your In Progress Courses. This list will include the Course Name, Course Rating, Number of Lessons Completed/Total Lessons, and the Course Progress Bar. Clicking on any course will also take you to its Course Details Page.

3. Notification

Notice the bell icon on the top-right, this will appear if the Notification add-on is enabled and set up.

Clicking on the icon will open a side panel where you’ll see all of your Notifications listed. 

My Profile

On the My Profile dashboard, you’ll be able to view your personal details like Registration Date, First Name, Last Name, Username, Email, Phone Number, Skill/Occupation, and Biography.

Note: In order to submit/update this information, please visit Dashboard > Settings > Profile.

Enrolled Courses

Next, from the Enrolled Courses dashboard, you’ll find a complete list of all your Enrolled Courses, Active Courses, and Completed Courses.

For the Enrolled Courses, you can also track your course progress from here and check how many lessons you have completed in each course.


Any courses you like and save to your Wishlist to view later will all appear in this section. Later, you can also enroll to the course.

Adding a Course To Your Wishlist
To add a course to your Wishlist, simply visit the Course Archive Page, find a course you like and click on the bookmark icon that’s on the course page top-right corner.

My Quiz Attempts

The My Quiz Attempts dashboard is where you can track all of your Quiz Attempts and results. This page will showcase each Quiz Attempt and detail the following: 

  • Quiz Info (Consisting of Quiz Name & Date Attempted)
  • No. of Questions
  • Total Marks
  • No. of Correct Answers
  • No. of Incorrect Answer
  • Earned Marks
  • Result

Clicking on the Details button will take you to that quiz attempt’s details page where it lists all of the questions, their correct answers, and more.

Clicking on the trash icon that’s beside the Details button, you can also delete your Quiz Attempt.

Once you do click, a popup message will appear asking you to confirm the action. From there, you can either select Cancel to go back or select Yes, I’m Sure to proceed.

Question & Answer

All Q&As will appear in this section. A dropdown on the top left lets you select which set of Q&As you want to see like Read, Unread, Important, and Archived. 

You’ll be able to see the Q&As you posted as a student for courses you’re enrolled in. The list will include the Question, Course Name, and the Number of replies. 

You’ll find a reply button that takes you to the Question Thread to reply and you’ll also be able to Mark the Question as Unread or Delete it from the action menu.


The Calendar dashboard is where you’ll be able to see all of your assignments for the month at a glance. From the top left, simply select the month and year and all assignments created during that time will appear below the calendar.

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