Certified Human Resource Professionals

About the Course

Certified Human Resource Professionals(CHRP) is a professional course which is examined by the Human Resource Management Professional Examinations Board (HRMPEB). This course has been informed by a high demand of qualified personnel to manage the human resource function in a constantly dynamic and competitive environment. According to the Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA), CHRP is a Level 7 qualification.

Who Can Study

The course is designed to equip individuals with competencies and knowledge required by human resource professionals for effective job performance in both public and private sectors.

Mode of Study

1. Online Learning
Access your course learning material through our Learning Management System(LMS).

2. Part Time

Evening Classes: 5:30pm to 9:45pm


The course will be assessed at two levels: internally and externally. Internal assessment is continuous and students are required to maintain a portfolio of evidence of their achievements. External assessment on the other hand, is the responsibility of HRMPEB.


Upon successful completion of a unit of learning, a student shall be issued with a certificate that acknowledges the achievement of that competence. On successful completion of all units of learning, the student shall be awarded CHRP qualification. All these certificates are issued by HRMPEB.

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Entry Qualifications
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