NITA Trainings

Traction School of Governance and Business (TSGB) is a National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) accredited training provider. This means that TSGB has a mandate to provide the highest quality of training to employees within the organizations to ensure that they constantly upgrade and develop their skill sets.

The following are some of the Trainings we are accredited to offer:
1. Company Secretary training

Equips your team with skills and knowledge needed to ensure compliance, corporate governance, strategic management and overseeing administration.

2. Accounting

This training will ensure that your team learn, and refreshes their knowledge in reporting and analysis of how money flows in and out of a business and compliance with the regulations.

3. Effective Budgeting and Cost Control

This training covers budgeting as a planning tool, a financial device, and as a control mechanism. It helps in understanding how to make long- and short-term planning decisions.

4. Strategic Planning Development and Implementation

This training will enable you and your team to define the direction in which your organization must travel in order to achieve the objectives and goals that you have set.

5. Executive Customer Service

Equips your team with better customer service skills and highlights the importance of service standards and their impact on customer experience. You get to learn about empathy, time management, active listening, emotional intelligence and problem solving.

6. Leadership and Governance

The training will equip you and your team with the dynamics to help you develop the right organizational culture and lead organizational behavior.

7. Foundation of Finance Accounting Budgeting

This training will enable your team to understand the accounting cycle, components of an Annual Report, effectively prepare balance sheets and income statements, and to analyze financial statements to evaluate the business financial health.

8. Capacity Building Programs

This training is designed to help your employees obtain, improve and retain the skills, knowledge, tools and other resources needed to do their jobs competently to obtain better results.

9. Effective Business Development Skills

The training will enable your team to improve their sales skills, enhance strategic thinking, better negotiation skills and increase their confidence.

10. Corporate Identity and Brand Management

This training will equip your organization team with skills and knowledge required to establish and maintain a consistent and cohesive image, reputation and perception of your Company or organization in the minds of its stakeholders, including customers, employees, investors, partners and the general public.

11. Social and Mental Wellness

The training will equip your employees with knowledge and skills to navigate the common mental health issues in their work place to effectively communicate the mental concerns and to develop strategies to create a healthy work environment.

12. Soft Skills and Emotion Programs

Equips you with skills including leadership, critical thinking, problem solving, negotiation, and how to be emotionally Intelligent in the work place.

13. The Balanced Scorecard Model Strategy

Equips your employees with skills and knowledge needed to analyze how finance, customers, business process and learning and growth can enhance operations within and outside the organization.

14. Human Resource Development Programs

Upskill your employees with the various human resource development programs to motivate your team, enhance their organizational commitment and increase their output.

15. Corporate Governance

Equips the team with knowledge on how to observe best practices in achieving the organizations objectives and fairness to all stakeholders while adhering to regulations and policies.

16. Certified Forensic Fraud Examiner

The training will equip the team with expertise in the fields of financial fraud and corruption investigations, fraud prevention, fraud risk analysis and related areas.

17. Change Management

This training will ensure that your team is well prepared to embrace change as and when it arises and how to mitigate resistance to change.

18. Soft Skills and Personal Development

Enable employees to develop interpersonal, social and professional skills required in order to grow in their professional career and also in their personal life.

Improve your organisation with NITA Training for your employees.

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