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Leadership and governance


Courses Included


Course Objectives

The main objective of this Leadership and Governance course is to empower employees with

  • An overall understanding of Leadership and governance in the organization and its related challenges
  • Multiple options to ensure that quality and efficiency of service delivery is not hampered
  • The capability to engage clients and the civic society in governance reform initiatives
  • Potential to play an active part in the reform of governance in order to address all challenges and gaps for better quality, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Experience and exposure to bring about more transparency and accountability in an organization.

Organisation Benefit

With public sector professionals attending the course, the organisation will benefit in the following ways:

  • Greater transparency, ownership and accountability by all stakeholders
  • Higher quality and efficiency in public services, thus impacting the society positively
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • More insights into capitalizing on all avenues to create more opportunities and innovation in an organization for a positive change
  • More consideration towards clients and greater involvement for first-hand feedback on quality and other aspects of service delivery
  • More efficient and quality-conscious work environment and culture

Personal Benefit

Through this Leadership and Governance course, professionals will derive the following benefits:

  • Greater understanding of end-to-end governance in the organization
  • Increased ability and better preparedness to face all challenges and hindrances to good governance
  • More knowledge of dealing with low standards of governance and improving it through the most applicable means
  • Increased ability and knowledge to anticipate, identify, initiate and manage organization reform measures and activities


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