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Attending this course gives delegates insights into the development of SMART aims, which are a fundamental precursor to generating strategic and operational plans.

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Objectives of the course. By attending this course, delegates will be able to:
  • Learn how to contribute to strategy development: visualising potential futures, assessing risk and making choices
  • Gain competence in using tools to assess internal and external forces shaping the future options for your business
  • Construct non-linear roadmaps with learning milestones in support of vision and goals
  • Learn how leaders’ behaviours impact strategy implementation
  • Gain self-awareness in decision-making abilities and leadership styles
Designed for This course is designed for individuals who either currently hold or aspire to hold middle and senior management positions, who are responsible for contributing to the development of strategies and plans as well as their implementation. These include:
  • Directors and senior managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Corporate strategy, HR and other functional managers
  • Heads of Division
  • Heads of Department
Training Course Outline:
  • Use strategy language well to communicate effectively with managers and staff
  • Recognise that ‘doing nothing’ is not a sound strategic option, external and internal factors demand response and change is inevitable
  • Learn which tools to use for evaluating internal capabilities and external opportunities and threats e.g. scenarios, SWOT
  • Learn the importance of managers’ qualities – the ability to “zoom in, zoom out” to make sound strategic decisions
  • Develop skills which support strategic agility
  • Learn how different organisational structures can impact effective implementation
  • Use the balanced scorecard to select the most relevant Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators
  • Recognise which leadership capabilities are needed for strategy implementation and review your own capabilities
  • Learn how culture and practice lead to employee engagement; introduce servant leadership
  • The future is unknown – setting a clear and consistent path leads to success, as does learning from mistakes

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