Executive Crash Course Program

Do you need a crash course study program for your kasneb papers? Well… you are in luck!

Given the growing number of students looking for tailor-made private classes that are more robust and not restrained to the typical timetable or regular class schedules, Traction School of Governance and Business has introduced an EXECUTIVE CRASH COURSE PROGRAM.

There is a large pool of kasneb registered students who have been trying to complete their professional courses but are time-constrained. With this increased demand, we have a solution for you! 

Our crash course program is scalable to accommodate future needs given that exemptions to advocates, CPA or CIFA graduates, or post-graduates allow them to start at the intermediate level into the advanced level.  The program is designed to equip candidates with the arsenal to perform well in their kasneb papers and will help them fill the gaps in their preparation and add critical conceptual and factual knowledge.

The courses available for this program include:
  1. Certified Public Accountants- CPA
  2. Certified Financial and Investment Analysts (CIFA)
  3. Certified Secretaries (CS)
Differences between normal classes and the Executive Crash Course Program
Normal ClassesExecutive Crash Course Program
1. Slotted with a fixed package. 
2. Relies more on lecturers’ contact
3. Relatively pocket friendly 
1. Tailor-made and flexible.
2. A mix of LMS and interactions on weekends.
3. Paid at a premium 

Five Potential Benefits’ of the Executive Crash Course Program

1. Tutors work at a specific pace. 

One of the biggest benefits of having a private tutor for the crash program is that the lecturer works at a pace that is right for you. Often, lesson plans that happen in an actual class setting are time-sensitive and fast-moving. Our tutors will teach at your pace and ensure that you understand every concept without being in a high-pressure environment.

2. Tutors give personal attention. 

Normal classrooms consist of more than 25 students, making it challenging for lecturers to offer individualized attention. This often results in the students feeling neglected especially if they need some extra help. With our crash course program, the lecturer will be available to answer your questions at any time.

3. The Executive crash course program is flexible and convenient. 

Having a private tutor is great if you have a busy work and family schedule. You can arrange with the lecture the number of sessions you like and change them if needed.

4. Our executive crash course program is more than just a lesson plan. 

A great benefit of private tutoring is that there are no lesson plans and the lecturer can teach anything that will help you understand the curriculum better.

5. High pass rate

Several students registered for kasneb courses have been failing exams even after several attempts. With our program, students are guaranteed a high pass rate with fewer cases of retakes.

Why Choose our Executive Crash Course Program?

Our crash course program offers online tutoring solutions that fit your budget and schedule. Our tutors offer students personal classes tailored to their learning style and personality.

Are you ready to get started?
Traction School of Governance and Business will design a custom tutoring plan to help you cover the syllabus and prepare you for exams within the shortest time possible. 

Call/WhatsApp: 0700 524 589/ 0782 524 589
Location: Pioneer House, Moi Avenue, 5th Floor. 

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