In-House/In-Company Training, Yes or No?

The shortage of skilled personnel in today’s work environment has become a serious issue.  While looking for solutions to fill that gap, organizations tend to undervalue a path that could contribute to a solid foundation for their future: in-company training.

Having young, open-minded individuals trained to become skilled employees is beneficial in many ways. Hardly have there been as many valid reasons to invest in employees’ training as there are today. That goes for the corporates, for young and older employees, and for the society in general; in-company training is beneficial to everyone.

Successful businesses think strategically, with medium and long-term goals in mind. A training curated to fit the needs of a company helps in meeting the future demand for skilled employees. The outcome is an exceptionally tailored group of employees who ensure companies remain innovative and flexible. Other than this advantage, there are other reasons why employee training pays off as will be discussed below.

Why should your Company Consider Traction’s In-Company Trainings?
  1. We ensure that your training is aligned to your business goals.
  2. We deliver stronger results: We custom-make course content to match the needs of your employees.
  3. Minimal disruption given that the training is delivered where and when you need it.
  4. Our in-company trainings are a cost-effective solution to your training requirements.
  5. Effective use of your time: our courses are as long as you want them to be and no longer.
  6. Investing in training improves your competitiveness. Well-trained and competent employees are a vital prerequisite for your competitiveness. Training guarantees you qualified skilled personnel with the ability to create high-quality products and services.
  7. Less disruptive to work. Whether a few weeks or days, employees’ schedule can become overloaded when they attend classroom courses or take time out to travel.  Company-specific trainings allow your employees to learn from the convenience of the workplace.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reasons discussed above, many companies are still hesitant to get involved in training. Those without training experience are afraid of employing untrained young people into their company structure. These companies should carefully consider the arguments for and against in-company training based on the facts that such trainings are a golden path towards a greater direction.

In-company training, yes or no?

Organizations that have absorbed trainings in their structures are convinced that; in-company training pays off. Many have actually come to the realization that it is the key to the future. Corporations that invest in trainings rarely regret it.  To know whether training is needed, managers should first reflect on the company’s needs and gather information to help with the decision process.

Yes, in-company training costs money; but it is an investment- one that is worthwhile!

Trainings at Traction School of Governance and Business

Traction’s training courses are tailor-made training programmes curated to meet the needs of your organizations, at a price, time, and location that best suits your budget and operational requirements.

Choose to partner with us today!

We will help you grow your business, develop employees’ skills, maximize the capability of the firm, maximize growth potential, and increase resilience.

We specialize in the following trainings:
  1. Leadership and Governance
  2. Social and Mental Wellness
  3. Capacity Building Programs
  4. Effective Budgeting and Cost Control
  5. Human Resource Development Programs
  6. Executive Customer Services
  7. Corporate Identity and Brand Management
  8. The Balanced Scorecard Model Strategy
  9. Soft Skills and Emotional Programs
  10. Foundation of Finance, Accounting, and Budgeting
  11. Strategic Planning Development and Implementation
  12. Effective Business Development Skills
  13. Company Secretarial

Tap into the expertise and vast resources of Traction School of Governance and Business.

We will work with you to create results driven training that will meet your objectives.

Call us today to book a training of your interest.

Contact information: 0700 524 589/ 0782 524 589

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