Can I Appeal for KASNEB Examination Remark?

If you receive a grade that you believe is wrong, you have the right to make a remark appeal with kasneb. You can appeal if you believe that formal errors were made during the examination marking.

How do I go about making an appeal?

  1. Students who wish to appeal for examination remarking should complete the kasneb form attached here in. The form can also be downloaded from kasneb’s website
  2. Students are advised to take time to make the appeal decision and understand that external circumstances that could have affected their performance are not considered during the review of marking
  3. Students paying through the banks or other agents should personally send the forms attaching copies of deposit slips to KASNEB so as to be received within the stated deadline.
  4. Appeal forms received after the stated deadline will not be considered
  5. Student’s name should NOT appear anywhere on the appeal form.
  6. The form should be delivered in person or sent by post. Email and other electronic media should NOT be used.
  7. Students should attach a copy of the receipt or bank deposit slip for the remarking fee

How much do I pay for remarking?

  1. A remarking fee shall be charged at Sh. 5,000 per paper for technician and diploma level examinations and Sh.7, 500 per paper for professional level examinations.
  2. A refund of the remarking fee, less an administrative charge of 15% shall be made if, after the remarking, the student’s results for a particular paper change from FAIL to PASS.

When is the deadline for the appeal?

Appeals must be submitted within fourteen (14) days after the date of release of the examination results. This date is indicated in the examination result notification.

Kasneb does not consider any appeal forms received after the stated deadline.

When should I expect my results?

Two to three weeks after the deadline for the receipt of appeal expires, a student is bound to receive feedback on the remarking. Students are required to commit themselves to accept the outcome of the remarking as final.

When it comes to the appeal, one has to strictly observe all the rules and regulations outlined by kasneb. This is important as it gives a student a better chance of having their papers reviewed with the given deadline.

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