Adjusting to the new normal – online learning Post-Covid

The COVID-19 impacts have pushed students and educators across all levels of education to rapidly adapt to online learning. The effect of this- and the developments needed to make the transition work- are leaving a permanent change in the delivery of education. Speculations are ongoing about what the lasting impacts of the virus will be and what the education landscape may look like post-Covid. As the Covid numbers drastically continue to decline across the world, some schools have retreated to the traditions of a class-based learning. For other institutions, the forced shift to virtual learning is a moment of transitions and a period to reimagine how education could be delivered now and in the future.

Before the outbreak, the main purpose of Traction’s online classes was creating access to its courses to those students otherwise unable to attend traditional, class-based learning. Once the pandemic hit the country, the management had to re-strategize so as to make sense of its impacts. Most importantly, the school had to seize the opportunity to be proactive, innovative, and adjust to a COVID-19 world. Today, Traction SGB has shifted its focus amid-Covid to support instruction continuity and meet the changing needs of its students.

It will be fascinating to witness the features of traditional education delivery or learning that will remain in the next era of education, once COVID-19 in no longer a factor.

The fact is that online education is finding new audiences. The learning prospects and flexibility that have arisen from necessity are likely to change educators’ and students’ expectations, shrinking further the line between virtual learning and classroom based instruction.