5 Reasons to Pursue a Professional Course at Traction School of Governance and Business

The uptake of professional courses in Kenya has declined within the past years. The problem emanates from the decreased efforts by the liable institutions to create awareness on the need and value of these courses in the industry.  Awareness on their importance, particularly for those looking to rise in their careers, opting for a career change, or looking to gain expertise in certain areas should be increased as a way to resolve the existing challenge.

Traction School of Governance and Business is among the schools that are in the frontline to ensure the uptake of professional courses among Kenyans increases. The school currently ensures that people understand that pursuing a professional course will broaden their knowledge, boosts competence, and ensure they stay updated on market trends. Additionally, its professional courses are fashioned to bridge the gap left by school curriculums and give the practical knowledge applicable in daily work activities.

If you have a certificate, diploma, or a degree and have been advised that the only way to go up is by pursuing a master’s degree, but you are not financially stable to do so or you do not have the time to commit fully in an engaging learning experience, then a professional course is the way to go. On the contrary, you need to stay in pace with the increasing need for specialized skills in a fast changing world. A professional course will simply equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to perform a task that is well-suited for your career.

Importance of Pursuing a Professional Course at Traction SGB
1. Practical

Our professional courses are practical and readily available. These courses sharpen skills and improve work performance, thus catapulting an individual in the right direction. As result, one becomes eligible for a raise or promotion. In addition, they help people learn about market trends and refresh things that they may have learned years ago.

2. Flexible learning opportunities

Traction SGB understands that students pursuing professional courses cannot commit entire days to studying. This is why the school employs online based platforms to offer flexible tuition at students’ time, pace, and place. Doing so gives students the flexibility to equip themselves with the skills they require while keeping in pace with their demanding careers.

3. Adds value to your CV

Most employers are today interested in the professional courses that candidates have taken to upscale their capabilities. Taking a professional course at Traction SGB will help you improve your CV and increase your power to negotiate for a better job or salary.

4. Keeping up with emerging trends

Given the changing nature of the industry, individuals need to constantly learn to stay updated on these changes. For instance, the Certified Secretaries (CS) course is among KASNEB’s trending courses offered by Traction SGB. This is why pursuing such a course as advocates, law degree holders, or those in the human resource profession helps in brushing up skills and staying in sync with the current market.

5. Opportunity to network

An effective way to create strong networks in the market is by enrolling for professional certificate courses. They are vital as they help individuals interact with peers in the industry, thus creating connections and business contacts.

Traction School of Governance and Business professional courses include-:
  1. Certified Secretaries(CS)
  2. Certified Public Accountants (CPA)
  3. Certified Investment and Financial Analysts (CIFA)
  4. Accounting Technicians Diploma (ATD)
  5. Certificate in Accounting and Management Skills (CAMS)

Enroll today by registering on our website: www.sgb.ac.ke or reach us on 0700 524 589/ 0782 524 589